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Long Vowels


Long Vowels - Sounds, Examples, and Worksheet

Long Vowels

Long Vowels Sounds and Examples 

Every syllable in a word has one vowel sound. The vowels a, e, i, o, and u sometimes stand for the long vowel sounds. Some vowel combinations can also stand for long vowel sounds.

long a as in apron, train, make
long i as in lion, five, fly
long u as in music, huge, cue
long e as in me, compete, tree, bean
long o as in go, nose, boat, mow

Long Vowels Worksheet

A- Read the first word in each row. Then circle the word that has the same long vowel sound. The first one has been done for you.

1.float                   roam              leap                clock                 home              pave               dread
3.while                  shrine             bill                   trim                    guess              dwell              meal
5.cruel                  fuel                 scuff                crank

B- Read the words in the box and sort them according to the long vowel sound

tone   bead   jeans   foam   gaze   tile   glue   cube   raise   try

long a
long e
long i
long o
long u


Download Long Vowels Worksheet: Long Vowels

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