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Participial Phrase Charades: A Fun Way to Learn Grammar


Participial Phrase Charades: A Fun Way to Learn Grammar

Participial Phrase Charades: A Fun Way to Learn Grammar

In this blogger blog post, we will explore an engaging game called "Participial Phrase Charades." Through this activity, students will improve their understanding of participial phrases and learn to identify and use them effectively in sentences. By incorporating this game into your lesson plan, you can enhance your students' grammar skills and promote active learning. This post will provide a step-by-step guide to the game, including objectives, materials, procedure, assessment, extensions, variations, and reflection. If you're looking for a fun and effective way to teach participial phrases, this post is for you.


Participial Phrase Charades


In this engaging game, students will act out participial phrases while their classmates guess the phrase. This activity will help students understand how participial phrases function in sentences and improve their ability to identify and use them.




  1. Divide students into teams.
  2. Each team will select a player to act out a participial phrase on the card without speaking.
  3. The other team members will guess the participial phrase.
  4. Teams will take turns until all cards are used.
  5. After all teams  have had a turn, the teacher will review the correct answers and discuss any questions.


The teacher can assess student understanding by observing their ability to correctly identify and use participial phrases in sentences during class activities and assessments.



  • Instead of acting out the participial phrase, students can draw a picture to represent it.


  • Students can reflect on their learning by writing a sentence using a participial phrase and explaining how it functions in the sentence.


  • The teacher can modify the difficulty of the cards based on student level or use the activity as a review for older grades.

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