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Capitalization - Other Proper Nouns and Adjectives / Grade 6


Mechanics: CapitalizationOther Proper Nouns and Adjectives

Capitalization - Other Proper Nouns and Adjectives

  • Capitalize names of cities, states, countries, and continents. 
  • Do not capitalize articles or prepositions in those names.
  • Capitalize names of geographical features but not compass points showing direction.


  1. Juneau, Alaska 
  2. United States of America 
  3. Miami is south of Boston.

  • Capitalize the names of buildings, bridges, and monuments.
  • Capitalize street and highway names, either whole or abbreviated.


  1. Golden Gate Bridge 
  2. Air and Space Museum 
  3. Keene Blvd.

  • Capitalize the names of stars and planets. 
  • Capitalize Earth when it refers to the planet but not when it is preceded by the article the.


    1. We felt the earth shake. 
    2. We hope one day to travel to Mars.

    • Capitalize the names of schools, clubs, teams, organizations, institutions, businesses, political parties, and products.


      1. Stargazers’ Club at Fletcher Elementary School

      • Capitalize names of historic events, periods of time, and documents.


      1. Battle of Bunker Hill 
      2. Declaration of Independence

      • Capitalize the days of the week, months of the year, and holidays. Do not capitalize the names of the seasons.


      1. Labor Day is the first Monday in September.

      • Capitalize the names of ethnic groups, nationalities, and languages.
      • Capitalize proper adjectives formed from those names.


      1. Most Swiss citizens speak either Italian, French, or German.

      • Capitalize the first word of main topics and subtopics in an outline.


      1. 1. Products and Industries
      2. A.         Technology

      Capitalization - Other Proper Nouns and Adjectives Worksheet

      Rewrite each sentence. Capitalize words as needed.
      1. The foreign cinema club watched a spanish film.
      2. It was shown at starlight theater on oak ave.
      3. An upcoming mexican film depicts the battle of the alamo.

      Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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