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Subjects and Predicates - 5th Grade Grammar


Subjects and Predicates - 5th Grade Grammar

Master subjects and predicates with our 5th Grade Grammar guide! Learn the essentials for crafting clear, well-structured sentences. #GrammarTips #SentenceStructure


Ever wondered what makes a sentence tick? The secret lies in understanding its two core components: the subject and the predicate. Grasping these concepts is fundamental for mastering 5th-grade grammar and enhancing your writing skills. Whether you're a student eager to improve your grammar or a teacher looking for engaging ways to explain these concepts, this blog post is for you. In "Subjects and Predicates - 5th Grade Grammar," we'll dive into the fascinating world of sentence structure, exploring simple and compound subjects and predicates. Ready to unravel the mystery behind well-constructed sentences? Let's get started!


Every sentence has two important parts: the subject and the predicate.
        Our neighbor (subject) // trains the new puppy (predicate).

Simple Subjects and Simple Predicates

What is a simple subject?

The simple subject is the main noun or pronoun that names the subject of the sentenceIt tells exactly whom or what the sentence is about.
        The friendly dog waited for her owner.
        The new dog is a golden retriever.
        The amazing new rocket soared into the clouds.

What is a simple predicate?

The simple predicate is the verb that tells exactly what the subject does or is.
        The friendly dog waited for her owner.
        The amazing new rocket soared into the clouds. It was great.
        The poor little puppy trips on his dish.

Complete Subjects and Complete Predicates

What is a complete subject?

The complete subject includes all of the words that tell whom or what the sentence is about.
        The friendly dog waited for her owner
        The puppy next door barks all night.
        The smallest boy covered his ears.

What is a complete predicate?

The complete predicate is the verb and all of the words that tell what the subject does or is.
        The friendly dog waited for her owner.
        The puppy next door barks all night.
        We took pictures with our camera.

Compound Subjects and Compound Predicates

What is a compound subject?

A compound subject is two or more subjects that share the same verb. The subjects are usually joined by a conjunction such as and or or
        My brother and sister are still asleep. 
        Corey and Martha walked along the shore.
        Dolphins and elephants are highly intelligent creatures.

What is a compound predicate?

A compound predicate contains two or more predicates that have the same subject. 
        The journalist reads and writes a lot. 
        Martha jumped in the water and swam for a while.
        Adam lives in Bangor and speaks Arabic.

Compound subjects and predicates can use coordinating conjunctions (and, or) or correlative conjunctions (either/or, neither/nor). 
        Neither Julia nor her friend participated. 
        Can you either clear the table or do the dishes?

Subjects and Predicates Activity - 5th Grade Grammar

Select the correct answer for each underlined part of each of the following sentences.


Mastering subjects and predicates is key to crafting clear and effective sentences. By understanding and practicing these fundamental components, you'll enhance your writing and communication skills. Keep experimenting with the examples and activities provided, and revisit this guide whenever you need a refresher. Remember, the key to mastering grammar lies in consistent practice and application. Happy writing, and may your sentences always be well-structured and engaging!
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