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Combining Sentences: Compound Sentences - 6th Grade Grammar


Combining Sentences: Compound Sentences - Grade 6

Learn how to combine sentences using coordinating and correlative conjunctions with our compound sentences guide for 6th-grade students. Download our free worksheet and interactive game to practice.


Are you a 6th-grade student looking to improve your sentence construction skills? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of compound sentences and how to use coordinating and correlative conjunctions to combine multiple complete thoughts into one sentence. Say goodbye to simple sentences and hello to more complex and engaging writing. Not only will this skill enhance your writing, but it will also pique the interest of your readers. So, get ready to take your sentence construction game to the next level with compound sentences!

Compound Sentences

What is a compound sentence?

A compound sentence has two or more complete thoughts about different subjects.

The coordinating conjunctions and, but, and or can be used to connect the complete thoughts in a compound sentence. 

How to punctuate a compound sentence?

Use a comma before the conjunction.

The correlative conjunctions either/or and neither/nor can also be used in a compound sentence.

  •  My brother likes to swim, but I prefer riding my bike.
  • My brother wants to go to the beach, but I prefer staying home and reading. 
  • She loves to cook, and her family and friends always look forward to her meals. 
  • He enjoys playing basketball, but he doesn't like watching it on TV.
  • Either you can come with us or you can stay home.

Combining Sentences: Compound Sentences Open the Box (Interactive Game)

Combining Sentences: Compound Sentences Worksheet (PDF)


In conclusion, compound sentences are an essential skill for 6th-grade students to master. By using coordinating and correlative conjunctions, you can combine multiple complete thoughts into one sentence, making your writing more engaging and complex. Don't forget to check out our interactive game and worksheet to practice this skill in a fun and interactive way. Happy writing!
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