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Vowel Team Syllables


Vowel Team Syllables

Vowel Team Syllables

Every syllable in a word has only one vowel sound. Sometimes the vowel sound is spelled with more than one letter. When this happens, the syllable is called a vowel team syllable. Vowel teams have more than one letter that stand for a single vowel sound. Vowel teams include:

  • ai as in main 
  • ea as in reader 
  • ee as in breezy
  • oi as in toil 
  • ou as in mouth

Vowel Team Syllables Worksheet

A. Divide each word into syllables. Underline the vowel team.

  1. creature
  2. rounded
  3. straighten
  4. beehive
  5. spoilage

B. Read the words in each row. Circle the word that has the same vowel team as the word in bold.

  1. 6sixteen                     sneeze        teamwork
  2. 7. exploit                     smoothly    moisten
  3. 8. leader                      maintain     impeach
  4. 9. household               below          holdout
  5. 10. painful                  exclaim       explanation  
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