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Consonant + le Syllables


Consonant + le Syllables

Every syllable in a word has one vowel sound. When a word ends in -le, the consonant before it plus the letters -le form the last syllable. This type of syllable is called a consonant + le syllable.

Consonant + le Syllables Worksheet

A. Read each sentence. Circle the word that has a consonant+ le syllable. 

1. The ring from my grandmother is valuable to me.
2. My friend rode his bicycle to my house.
3. My dad likes to scramble his eggs for breakfast.
4. I need a needle to sew the button back on.
5. Can you whistle that new tune?

B. Read each word. Draw a line to the word with the same consonant + le syllable.

6. durable                                    beagle
7. simple                                     speckle
8. befuddle                                 securable
9. squiggle                                 noodle
10. freckle                                 trample
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