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54 Irregular Verbs in English


54 Irregular Verbs in English

54 Irregular Verbs in English

English language learners often struggle with irregular verbs, which can be difficult to conjugate and use correctly. The website "ELAFree" offers a helpful guide to some of the most common irregular verbs in English. This resource provides clear explanations and examples to assist learners in improving their understanding and use of these verbs in spoken and written communication. By mastering irregular verbs, English learners can enhance their overall proficiency and confidence in using the language.

  1. 🛌lie - lay - lain
  2. 🧶knit - knit - knit
  3. 🏪sell - sold - sold
  4. 🦥hang - hung - hung
  5. 🏃💨flee - fled - fled
  6. 🗺️find - found - found
  7. 🔥burn - burnt - burnt
  8. 🏌️swing - swung - swung
  9. 👉choose - chose - chosen
  10. 🧩fit - fit - fit
  11. 🤝meet - met - met
  12. 🚶go - went - gone
  13. ✉️send - sent - sent
  14. 🧎kneel - knelt - knelt
  15. 🤗cling - clung - clung
  16. 🤔know - knew - known
  17. 🚗drive - drove - driven
  18. 💔break - broke - broke 
  19. 🤕hurt - hurt - hurt
  20. 😘blow - blew - blown
  21. 🌳saw - sawed - sawn
  22. ✏️draw - drew - drawn
  23. ⏰arise - arose - arisen
  24. 😄be - was, were - been
  25. 👊fight - fought - fought
  26. 🌿mow - mowed - mown
  27. 🤔think - thought - thought
  28. 🏃run - ran - run
  29. 🛸fly - flew - flown
  30. 🤽🏾wet - wet - wet
  31. 👄bite - bit - bitten
  32. 🍲eat - ate - eaten
  33. 😭weep - wept - wept
  34. 🌱grow - grew - grown
  35. ⚾catch - caught - caught
  36. ❌mistake - mistook - mistaken
  37. 🏇bet - bet - bet
  38. 💬say - said - said
  39. 🏆win - won - won
  40. 🎁give - gave - given
  41. 😔upset - upset -upset
  42. 👊beat - beat - beaten
  43. 🏊swim - swam - swum
  44. 🧹sweep - swept - swept
  45. ⚾throw - threw - thrown
  46. 🩸cut - cut - cut
  47. ⛏️dig - dug - dug
  48. 🎶sing - sang - sung
  49. 🚴ride - rode - ridden
  50. 💸steal - stole - stolen
  51. 🧵bind - bound - bound
  52. 👂hear - heard - heard
  53. ❄️freeze - froze - frozen
  54. 🏁begin - began - begun

Examples for Each Form of the Verbs

🛌lie - lay - lain
Present: I lie on the bed.
Past: I lay on the bed yesterday.
Past participle: I have lain on the bed many times.

🧶knit - knit - knit
Present: She knits a scarf.
Past: She knit a sweater last year.
Past participle: She has knit many items for her family.

🏪sell - sold - sold
Present: They sell handmade jewelry.
Past: They sold all their jewelry at the craft fair.
Past participle: They have sold jewelry for many years.

🦥hang - hung - hung
Present: He hangs the picture on the wall.
Past: He hung the picture in the living room.
Past participle: He has hung many pictures in his home.

🏃💨flee - fled - fled
Present: The cat flees when it hears loud noises.
Past: The cat fled when it saw the dog.
Past participle: The cat has fled from danger before.

🗺️find - found - found
Present: She finds her keys in her purse.
Past: She found a lost dog on the street.
Past participle: She has found many lost items.

🔥burn - burnt - burnt
Present: The fire burns brightly.
Past: The fire burnt down the house.
Past participle: The fire has burnt many things.

🏌️swing - swung - swung
Present: He swings his golf club with precision.
Past: He swung his bat and hit the ball.
Past participle: He has swung a golf club for years.

👉choose - chose - chosen
Present: She chooses the green dress.
Past: She chose the blue dress for the party.
Past participle: She has chosen many outfits.

🧩fit - fit - fit
Present: The dress fits perfectly.
Past: The dress fit her well last year.
Past participle: The dress has fit her for years.

🤝meet - met - met
Present: We meet at the park every Sunday.
Past: We met at the restaurant last week.
Past participle: We have met many times before.

🚶go - went - gone
Present: He goes to the gym every morning.
Past: He went to the store yesterday.
Past participle: He has gone on many trips.

✉️send - sent - sent
Present: She sends a letter to her friend.
Past: She sent an email to her boss.
Past participle: She has sent many messages.

🧎kneel - knelt - knelt
Present: She kneels to pray.
Past: She knelt to tie her shoe.
Past participle: She has knelt at church for many years.

🤗cling - clung - clung
Present: The baby clings to her mother.
Past: The monkey clung to the tree branch.
Past participle: They have clung to each other for support.

🤔know - knew - known
Present: I know the answer to the question.
Past: I knew the answer yesterday.
Past participle: I have known many facts.

🚗drive - drove - driven
Present: She drives to work every day.
Past: She drove to the beach last weekend.
Past participle: She has driven across the country.

💔break - broke - broken
Present: The glass breaks easily.
Past: He broke his leg in a skiing accident.
Past participle: The vase has broken many times.

🤕hurt - hurt - hurt
Present: His knee hurts after running.
Past: He hurt his arm

🛌lie - lay - lain
Present: I lie down on the bed.
Past: Yesterday, I lay down on the bed.
Past participle: I have lain on this bed many times.

🧶knit - knit - knit
Present: My grandmother likes to knit sweaters.
Past: She knit a scarf for me last winter.
Past participle: She has knit many blankets over the years.

🏪sell - sold - sold
Present: The store sells a variety of products.
Past: They sold out of the popular item quickly.
Past participle: I have sold many things on eBay.

🦥hang - hung - hung
Present: I hang my coat in the closet.
Past: She hung up the phone when she was finished.
Past participle: The picture has been hung on the wall for years.

🏃💨flee - fled - fled
Present: The animals flee from danger in the wild.
Past: The thief fled the scene of the crime.
Past participle: They have fled from the city in search of peace.

🗺️find - found - found
Present: I hope to find my lost keys.
Past: I found the book I was looking for on the shelf.
Past participle: The missing person has been found.

🔥burn - burnt - burnt
Present: The fire burns brightly in the fireplace.
Past: The toast burnt in the toaster.
Past participle: The old building has been burnt down.

🏌️swing - swung - swung
Present: He swings the golf club with ease.
Past: She swung the bat and hit a home run.
Past participle: The door has been swung open.

👉choose - chose - chosen
Present: I choose to eat healthy food.
Past: She chose to study abroad for a year.
Past participle: The best option has been chosen.

🧩fit - fit - fit
Present: The dress fits perfectly.
Past: The shoes didn't fit well.
Past participle: The puzzle pieces have been fit together.

🤝meet - met - met
Present: Let's meet at the coffee shop at 2 pm.
Past: We met each other for the first time at the party.
Past participle: I have met many interesting people on my travels.

🚶go - went - gone
Present: I usually go to the gym in the morning.
Past: We went to the beach last weekend.
Past participle: The keys have gone missing.

✉️send - sent - sent
Present: I need to send this letter today.
Past: I sent an email to my boss yesterday.
Past participle: The package has been sent to the recipient.

🧎kneel - knelt - knelt
Present: I kneel down to pick up the coin.
Past: She knelt down to tie her shoes.
Past participle: The devotees have knelt in prayer for hours.

🤗cling - clung - clung
Present: The cat clings to my lap while I watch TV.
Past: He clung to the rope tightly during the climb.
Past participle: The wet clothes have clung to the skin.

🤔know - knew - known
Present: I know the answer to this question.
Past: She knew the answer before he asked the question.
Past participle: The truth has been known for a long time.

🚗drive - drove - driven
Present: I drive to work every day.
Past: He drove to the airport last night.
Past participle: The car has been driven over 100,000 miles.

🩸cut - cut - cut
Example: She cut the cake into small slices.

⛏️dig - dug - dug
Example: The dog dug a hole in the garden.

🎶sing - sang - sung
Example: She sang a beautiful song at the concert.

🚴ride - rode - ridden
Example: He rode his bike to school every day.

💸steal - stole - stolen
Example: The thief stole my wallet while I wasn't looking.

🧵bind - bound - bound
Example: She bound the pages of the book together.

👂hear - heard - heard
Example: I heard a strange noise coming from the attic.

❄️freeze - froze - frozen
Example: The lake froze over during the winter.

🏁begin - began - begun
Example: The race began at dawn.
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