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Short e: e and ea - 1st Grade Phonics


Short e: e and ea - 1st Grade Phonics

Short e: e and ea - Grade 1

The letters e or ea can make the short e sound.

In first grade, students typically learn about the short e sound, which can be represented by the letter "e" or the vowel digraph "ea." Here's a brief explanation of each:

Short e with "e": This sound is usually found in one-syllable words, such as "red," "let," and "pen." It's a quick, crisp sound as if you're saying the letter "e" in a word.

Short e with "ea": This sound is less common, but it appears in words like "head," "bread," and "spread." In these words, the "ea" represents the short e sound, and the "d" or "d" sound at the end of the word adds an extra syllable.

It's important for first graders to learn the difference between these sounds, as it will help them with their spelling and reading skills. They can practice identifying words with the short e sound, sounding them out, and writing them down to reinforce their learning.

Short ee and ea Activity- 1st Grade Phonics

Say each picture name. Select the word that names each picture.

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