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l-Blends - 1st Grade Phonics


l-Blends - 1st Grade Phonics

l-Blends - Grade 1

Sometimes consonants form a blend. You can hear the sound of a consonant and the letter I form a blend at the beginning of glad and slim.

In phonics, L-blends are consonant blends that begin with the letter L followed by another consonant sound. 

Examples of L-blends include bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl.

Learning to recognize and read L-blends is an important skill for first-grade students as it helps them to decode and read more complex words. 

For example, by recognizing the blend "bl" in the word "black," students can use this information to read other words with the same blend, such as "blue," "blast," and "blame."

Teaching L-blends to first-graders typically involves introducing the blends in isolation, using visual aids, and providing plenty of opportunities for practice through reading and writing exercises. Through consistent practice and exposure, students can improve their ability to read and write L-blends with confidence.


 l-Blends Activity - 1st Grade Phonics

Say each picture's name. Select the letters that complete each word.

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