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Comparing with More and Most (Grade 6)


Comparing with More and Most

Comparing with More and Most

  • To form comparative and superlative forms of most adjectives with two or more syllables, use the words more
  • Never use more or most in front of adjectives with -


  • That lion has a more ferocious roar than the other one. 
  • The largest lion has the most ferocious roar of all.

Comparing with More and Most Worksheet

Write each sentence. Use the correct form of the adjective in parentheses.

1. This zoo has (interesting) exhibits than that one.
2. They have the (diverse) collection of reptiles in America.
3. Does the gray iguana look (frightening) than the green one?
4. What is the safest, (sensible) place to see the snakes?
5. Football is (dangerous) than golf.
6. Spaghetti is the (wonderful) meal there is.
7. You ask the (interesting) questions.
8. Jenny is (delicate) than her sister Paula.
9. The couch is (comfortable) than the chair.
10. Science is (difficult) than arts.
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