Correcting Dangling Modifiers


Correcting Dangling Modifiers

Correcting Dangling Modifiers

Avoid using dangling modifiers.

  • A modifying word, phrase, or clause that does not clearly and sensibly modify a word or word group in a sentence is a dangling modifier
  • To correct a dangling modifier, add or replace words to make the meaning clear and logical.


After winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fences, The Piano Lesson was written. [Who won the Pulitzer Prize?]
After winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fences, August Wilson wrote The Piano Lesson.

Avoid using misplaced modifiers.

  • A word, phrase, or clause that seems to modify the wrong word or word group in a sentence is a misplaced modifier
  • Place modifying words, phrases, and clauses as near as possible to the words they modify



  • Perched in the cage, I admired the large, gray parrot. [Was I perched in the cage?]
  • I admired the large, gray parrot perched in the cage.

Correcting Dangling Modifiers Worksheet

Revise the sentences below to correct the dangling modifiers. Write the revised sentences on the lines provided. If a sentence is already correct, write C on the line.
1. After turning on the radio, the baby woke up.
2. Cooked very slowly, the casserole was delicious.
3. Startled by the unexpected noise, the heron took flight.
4. Looking in the closet, her camera was found.
5. After eating yogurt, grapefruit juice doesn’t taste very good.
6. Aiming at the target, the arrow hit the tree.
7. When trying to understand new words, a dictionary is useful.
8. Playing too close to the house, a window was broken.
9. To reach the highest branch, Masako needed a longer ladder.
10. While washing the dishes, a china cup was broken.

Correcting Misplaced Modifiers Worksheet 

If a sentence contains a misplaced modifier, underline the misplaced modifier and draw an arrow from the modifier to the place it should go. If the sentence is already correct, write C after it.
1. I bought a ladder to fix the roof that was sturdy.
2. Martin watched a radiant sunset climbing a hill.
3. Wanda offered me the book swinging in the hammock.
4. The horse without a saddle galloped toward the stable.
5. Earl discovered many beetles examining the rosebushes.
6. A letter without a stamp arrived from Phoenix.
7. Lorraine swatted the flies near the sandwiches that were buzzing around.
8. Carlos found another fuse in the drawer that was no good.
9. Isabel bought a blue dress from the clothing store in the mall with black stripes.
10. Under my bed I found my revised history paper.

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