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Comparing with Good and Bad (Grade 6)


Comparing with Good and Bad

Comparing with Good and Bad

  • The comparative and superlative forms of some adjectives, such as good and bad, are irregular
  • The comparative form of good is better
  • The comparative form of bad is worse
  • Their superlative forms are best and worst


  • Rex is a good dog. Spike is a better dog than Rex. Fido is the best dog of all. 
  • Mom has a bad cough, but Dad’s cough is worse. I have the worst cough of all.

Comparing with Good and Bad Worksheet

Write each sentence. Use the correct form of the adjective in parentheses.

1. I had the (good) time ever at last night’s movie marathon!
2. We watched some of the (bad) films ever made.
3. The first movie had a (good) plot than the second one.
4. The longest film also had the (bad) acting.
5. Do you think there is a (bad) movie than the last one?
6. When I was a kid I was the (good) swimmer in my school.
7. These glasses are for people with the (worse) eyesight.
8. I felt (bad) after getting home from the doctor's office. 
9. A cat is a (good) pet than a dog.
10. Sitting in the back of the bus is (bad) than sitting in the front.
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