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Adverbs as Modifiers (Grade 6)


Adverbs as Modifiers

Adverbs as Modifiers

  • An adverb can modify, or tell more about, a verb
  • Many adverbs end in -ly. Adverbs often tell how, when, or where an action takes place. 
  • Adverbs can also modify adjectives and other adverbs
  • Some adverbs called intensifiers add emphasis to a description.


  • Lightning most certainly poses a very serious threat today.

Adverbs as Modifiers Worksheet

A)Write each sentence. Underline each adverb. Circle any intensifiers that are used.

1. Heavy rains fell outside.
2. People were most definitely worried about flooding.
3. The reporter spoke excitedly about the emergency.
4. We listened closely and promptly gathered supplies.
5. People who lived nearby called often to check on us.

B)Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1.It’s a little / pretty sunny today.

2. 2.It rains a lot / pretty  in London.

3. 3.It’s extremely / a lot   hot in Istanbul.

4. 4.It’s  somewhat / very much cool in March.

5. 5.It doesn’t snow somewhat / very much in Sydney.

6. 6.It’s a lot / very  cloudy in Seattle.

7. 7.It doesn’t snow at all / extremely in Lima.

8. 8.It’s at all / fairly windy in Iceland.

9. 9.It rains a little / very  in December.

1  10.It’s  really / quite a bit hot in Mexico City.

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