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Kinds of Sentences (Grade 6)


Kinds of Sentences (Grade 6)Kinds of Sentences - Definitions, Examples, and Worksheet

There are four different types of sentence. Each begins with a capital letter and ends with an end mark

A declarative sentence makes a statement. It ends with a period.
  • We watched the snow fall.

An interrogative sentence asks a question. It ends with a question mark.
  • How much will we get?

A imperative sentence tells or asks someone to do something. It ends with a period.
  • Listen to the forecast.

An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling. It ends with an exclamation mark
  • Snow days are my favorite!

Kinds of Sentences Worksheet

Choose the correct answer.
1. Tennis, badminton, table tennis, and racquetball are types of racquet sports.
o statement; declarative
o question; interrogative

2. Another name for table tennis is ping-pong.
o excitement; exclamatory
o statement; declarative

3. Which racquet sport do you enjoy most?
o command; imperative
o question; interrogative

4. Tell me more about badminton.
o excitement; exclamatory
o command; imperative

5. It sounds like great fun!
o command; imperative
o excitement; exclamatory

Kinds of Sentences Worksheet: Kinds of Sentences

Kinds of Sentences Worksheet Answers:Kinds of Sentences

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