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Sentences and Fragments (Grade 6)


Sentences and Fragments (Grade 6)

Sentences and Fragments Free Worksheet

Sentence Definition 

A complete sentence has three components:a subject (the actor in the sentence)a predicate (the verb or action), and a complete thought (it can stand alone and make sense—it’s independent). 

Sentence Example
  • They waited for the bus all morning.

Fragment Definition 
A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. Some fragments are incomplete because they lack either a subject or a verb, or both.

Fragment Examples
  • No main verb: A story with deep thoughts and emotions.
  • No Subject: With the ultimate effect of all advertising is to sell the product.

Sentences and Fragments Worksheet 

Choose the correct answer.
1-The students wanted to buy a necktie for their teacher, Mr. Porter.
o Sentence      o Sentence fragment

2-Mr. Porter always wears an unusual tie on Fridays.
o Sentence      o Sentence fragment

3-Collected money for the tie.
o Sentence      o Sentence fragment

4-Wanted something colorful and humorous.
o Sentence      o Sentence fragment

5-Sophie and Max went shopping at a store that sells vintage clothing.
o Sentence      o Sentence fragment

Download Sentences and Fragments Worksheet:Sentences and Fragments
Download Sentences and Fragments Worksheet Answers: Sentences and Fragments

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