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Subjects and Predicates (Grade 6)


Subjects and Predicates (Grade 6)Subjects and Predicates - Definition, Sentence Examples, and Worksheet

Every sentence has two important parts: the subject and the predicate

Subject Definition
The subject tells whom or what the sentence is about. The complete subject is all the words in the subject part. The simple subject is the main word or words in the complete subject.

Subject Example
  • The strongest swimmers crossed the bay.
Predicate Definition
The predicate tells what the subject does or is. The complete predicate is all the words in the predicate. The simple predicate is the main verb in the complete predicate.

Predicate Example
  • The strongest swimmers crossed the bay.

Subjects and Predicates Worksheet 

Write each sentence. Draw one line under the simple subject. Draw two lines under the simple predicate.

1. Their friends cheered them on.
2. My brother led the way in a boat.
3. He helped anyone in trouble.
4. Luckily, the water remained calm all morning long.
5. Next year my friends will swim for the first time.

Download Subjects and Predicates Worksheet: Subjects and Predicates
Download Subjects and Predicates Worksheet Answers : Subjects and Predicates Answers

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