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Compound Sentences - 6th Grade Grammar


Compound Sentences - 6th Grade Grammar

Compound Sentences - 6th Grade Grammar

Compound Sentences

A compound sentence has two or more complete thoughts about different subjects. 

The coordinating conjunctions and, but, and or can be used to connect the complete thoughts in a compound sentence. 

Use a comma before the conjunction. 

The correlative conjunctions either/or and neither/nor can also be used in a compound sentence. 


        My brother likes to swim, but I prefer riding my bike.
        Emily wanted sushi, and her grandfather ordered teriyaki.
        Emily ordered two kinds of sushi; they both were delicious!
        The ticket lines for the ferry were long, but the group did not have to wait.
        They had purchased tickets ahead of time, and their ferry was waiting.
        The museum at Ellis Island was fascinating; the Statue of Liberty was spectacular!
        The tourists could come back to Ellis Island the next day, or they could go shopping.

Compound Sentences Activity

Combine the sentence pairs to form one sentence. 
My tire was flat. I learned how to fix it.
My tire was flat, but I learned how to fi x it.
I asked my father. He showed me how to do it.
I asked my father, and he showed me how to do it.
Now the wheels are fine. The brakes don’t work.
Now the wheels are fine, but the brakes don’t work.
A cable is broken. A bolt is loose.
Either a cable is broken, or a bolt is loose.
We’ll take it to the shop. They’ll fix it tomorrow.
We’ll take it to the shop, and they’ll fix it tomorrow.
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