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McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 3 Week 1 High-Frequency Words


McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 3 Week 1 High-Frequency Words

Explore Wonders 2020 Gr 1 words: away, now, some, today. Enhance reading with our glossary, practice sets, and quiz. Boost young readers' confidence!

Reading fluency for first graders starts with a strong foundation in high-frequency words. In our latest guide, we focus on the critical words "away," "now," "some," "today," "way," and "why" from the Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 3 Week 1 curriculum. These key terms are more than just vocabulary—they are the keys that unlock the world of reading and comprehension. By mastering these words, we transform early reading struggles into triumphs, paving the way for a lifelong love of reading. Could these words be the secret to your child’s literacy success, making them confident explorers of the written word? Join us as we dive deep into how understanding these foundational words serves as stepping stones on their exciting literacy journey.


  1. Away: Not here or near.
    Example: The cat ran away from the dog.
  2. Now: At this moment.
    Example: It is time to eat now.
  3. Some: A few or a little bit.
    Example: Can I have some cookies, please?
  4. Today: This current day.
    Example: We are going to the park today.
  5. Way: A path or direction.
    Example: Which way should we go to find your school?

Practice Set 1: Matching Activity on Quizlet

Pair each word with its definition.


Practice Set 2: Fill in the Blank Activity on Quizalize

Complete the following sentences.

Quiz on Quizizz

Instructions: Select the word that best completes each sentence.

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