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OpenAI’s Board Pushes Out Sam Altman - News Vocabulary Lesson 1


OpenAI’s Board Pushes Out Sam Altman - News Vocabulary Lesson 1

OpenAI’s Board Pushes Out Sam Altman

Sam Altman was pushed out of his role as the boss of OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed company that launched ChatGPT. In a statement, the firm’s board said it had lost confidence in Mr. Altman because “he was not consistently candid in his communications”. Mr Altman co-founded OpenAI in 2015. Mira Murati, the firm’s chief technology officer, will take charge on an interim basis.

Glossary of the Most Important Words and Phrases

  1. Pushed Out: A term often used in business and organizational contexts to describe someone being forced or encouraged to leave a position of power or responsibility, typically due to various internal reasons such as dissatisfaction with performance, differences in vision, or other conflicts within the organization.
  2. Board: Refers to the group of individuals who oversee the activities and direction of a company.
  3. Confidence: Trust or belief in someone's ability to lead or manage.
  4. Candid: Being open, honest, and straightforward in communication.
  5. Communications: The sharing of information, often referring to official statements or conversations within a company.
  6. Co-founder: A person who establishes a company with one or more other individuals.
  7. Chief Technology Officer (CTO): An executive responsible for the technological direction of a company.
  8. Interim Basis: A temporary arrangement in a position or role.

Vocabulary Exercises

OpenAI’s Board Pushes Out Sam Altman Vocabulary Exercises

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