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Noun Suffixes


Noun Suffixes

Noun Suffixes

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, you will focus on the following objective:
Vocabulary: Using suffixes to form nouns.

Noun Suffixes

A suffix is a word part that is added to the end of a word.
A noun suffix is a word part that, when added to a noun or another part of speech, changes the noun to a new noun and the other part of speech to a noun.

Literature Connection
You may recognize the word information without realizing that it is a noun formed from a verb.
“But new information has got to get out, and there are several ways to do it.”

 —Toni Morrison, from “Thoughts on the African-American Novel”

The suffix -ation turns the verb inform into a noun. Noun suffixes change nouns into new nouns and other parts of speech into nouns. Knowing noun suffixes can help you determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Common Noun Suffixes

Suffix Meaning Base word or word root Example
-ee receiver of action train trainee
-ance, -ence state, quality relevant
-ant, -eer agent, doer contest

-ist, -tist one who does, makes, or studies cycle
-ment result, condition accomplish accomplishment
-ness action, state bright brightness
-tion, -ion the act of prosecute prosecution

  • When you see a noun, determine whether it has a noun suffix.
    Morrison feels disappointment about some critics’ reactions. 

  • When a noun has a suffix, identify the root or base word.
    Morrison wants her readers to participate in her novels. The participation of readers adds a new dimension to the books.

Noun Suffixes َQuiz

From the table above, choose a suffix that changes each word below to a noun. Write each complete word. (A final letter in a base word may be dropped before a suffix is added. A y at the end of a word may change to i.)
  1. considerate 
  2. celebrate 
  3. accomplish 
  4. punctuate 
  5. novel 
  6. congregate 
  7. descend 
  8. fragrant 
  9. construct
  10. kind 

Answer Key

  1. consideration 
  2. celebration 
  3. accomplishment 
  4. punctuation 
  5. novelist 
  6. congregation  
  7. descendant 
  8. fragrance 
  9. construction 
  10. kindness

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