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Multiple-Meaning Words


Multiple-Meaning Words

Multiple-Meaning Words

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, you will focus on the following objective: Understanding multiple-meaning words.

Multiple-Meaning Words

Vocabulary Term

multiple-meaning word is a word that has two or more meanings.

Literature Connection

The second sentence in this quotation includes two multiple-meaning words.
“She sat on the opposite seat, away from the window, facing her mother. They were both in severe and poor mourning clothes.”

 —Gabriel García Márquez, from “Tuesday Siesta”

Severe can mean either “plain” or “harshly judgmental”; and poor can mean “pitiable,” “humble,” or “poverty-stricken.” From the context, the surrounding text, readers conclude that the women’s clothes were plain and humble. 


Word Meaning Example
plain n. flat, treeless land
adj. simple and unadorned
adj. evident
The plain stretched, unbroken, into the distance.
They were plain and simple people.
The priest’s embarrassment was plain to them.
still adv. yet
adj. quiet and unmoving
v. to calm
They still had not reached the station.
During the siesta, the whole town was still.
The rabbi stilled the woman’s fears.
train n. connected line of railroad cars
n. trailing part of a dress
v. to teach or instruct
The woman took a train to visit her aunt.
The bride’s gown had a long, intricate train.
She trained her puppy to be obedient.

Multiple-Meaning Words Quiz

Choose the correct definition for the multiple-meaning word in each sentence. Consult a dictionary if you need help.

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