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Clear Reference (Pronouns and Antecedents) Quiz


Clear Reference (Pronouns and Antecedents) Quiz

Clear Reference (Pronouns and Antecedents) Quiz


Do your students struggle with using pronouns clearly in their writing? Being able to identify the antecedent for every pronoun is an essential skill for crafting cohesive, unambiguous sentences and paragraphs. To help students master clear pronoun reference, I've created a 10-question multiple choice quiz covering common pronoun reference errors like ambiguous, general, weak, and indefinite reference.

This simple quiz offers practice identifying and correcting unclear pronoun situations that lead to confusion for readers. Students will read sample sentences and determine whether pronouns refer precisely to an antecedent or introduce ambiguity. Checking their answers reinforces strategies for revising unclear pronoun reference and using pronouns that connect clearly to the intended noun or noun phrase.

The quiz covers skills like:
Mastering these skills will help students use pronouns effectively to eliminate confusion in their writing. Try out the Clear Reference Quiz and see how your students do at this essential writing skill!

Clear Reference (Pronouns and Antecedents) Quiz

Read each set of sentences. Three of the sentences in each set have unclear pronoun references; one sentence is written correctly. Choose the sentence that is written correctly, with NO ERRORS in pronoun reference.


Using pronouns clearly is a foundational writing skill that eliminates confusion and improves cohesion. I hope the Clear Reference Quiz provides effective practice at identifying and correcting common pronoun reference errors. Mastering unambiguous pronoun usage will help your students become stronger, more precise writers across all subjects.
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