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Words From the News 2


Words From the News 2

Words From the News 2

Two major scientific studies point to a market in Wuhan, China — not a lab in the same city — as the birthplace of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Researchers concluded that the coronavirus was present in live mammals sold in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. The research suggests that the virus very likely twice spilled over into people working or shopping at the market. The researchers said they found no support for an alternate hypothesis that the coronavirus escaped from a lab in Wuhan.

Word List


[intransitive verb]to continuously rotate or take turns with one another (usually followed by "with").
  • The workers alternate with each other to break up the monotony of the work.
conclude[transitive verb]to bring to an end; finish or complete.
  • Let's conclude the meeting now and go to lunch.
  • The police are now concluding their investigation of the incident.
  • He's concluded his business in Washington and will be returning home.
hypothesis[noun]a proposed explanation that accounts for observed phenomena or known facts and that can be used to guide further investigation.
  • He put forward the hypothesis that dreams function to solve conflicts within the mind.
  • Do the results of your research support your hypothesis?
  • The evidence from their experiment forced them to reject their hypothesis.
major[adjective]great in importance, position, or reputation.
  • Robert Frost is considered a major poet in American literature.
  • Why are you making this into a major issue?
pandemic[noun]a widespread outbreak of disease that afflicts many people over different continents.
  • The disease spread rapidly and there were fears of a pandemic.
researcher[noun]a person who engages in systematic scholarly investigation in order to gain knowledge or understanding or to solve a particular problem.
  • The researchers are hoping to find a treatment for the disease.
scientific[adjective]of or pertaining to science.
  • The professor is retired now, but she continues to read her scientific journals.
suggest[transitive verb]to put forth for consideration; propose.
  • The guidance counselor suggested several options.
  • He suggested that they go to lunch now and resume the meeting later.
  • I suggested that he limit the letter to one typed page.
  • She suggested getting outside help on the project, but nobody listened.
  • Has anyone suggested scrapping the idea and starting all over again?
  • The doctor suggested to her that she keep a food diary.
support[transitive verb]to bear (a weight or load).
  • These picture hangers can support thirty pounds.
  • The little chairs are not made to support the weight of an adult.
virus[noun]any of a large group of submicroscopic agents that reproduce only in living cells and are disease-producing in humans, animals, and plants.
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