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An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

An adverb tells how, when, where, or to what extent (how much, how often, or how long).

  • The surgeon proceeded cautiously. [how] 
  • They work here. [where] 
  • She understood the instructions entirely. [to what extent]

Adverbs Modifying Verbs

Adverbs are used most often to modify verbs. An adverb makes the meaning of a verb more specific. 

  • She did not explain the instructions clearly. [The adverbs not and clearly describe the verb phrase did explain by telling how.]

Adverbs Modifying Adjectives

An adverb makes the meaning of an adjective more specific. 

  • The students were quite inventive with their projects. [The adverb quite describes the adjective inventive by telling to what extent.] 
  • An exceptionally musical child, Dinah played the piano at an early age. [The adverb exceptionally describes the adjective musical by telling to what extent.]

Adverbs Modifying Other Adverbs

An adverb makes the meaning of another adverb more specific. 

  • Is it too late to sign up for tryouts? [The adverb too modifies the adverb late by telling to what extent.] 
  • A beginner, he plays the guitar remarkably well. [The adverb remarkably modifies the adverb well by telling to what extent.]

Here is a list of different types of adverbs with examples for each:

1. Adverbs of Manner - describe how an action is performed
   - quickly: She ran quickly to catch the bus.
   - happily: She smiled happily at her friends.
   - carefully: He handled the vase carefully.

2. Adverbs of Frequency - describe how often an action is performed
   - often: He often goes to the gym.
   - rarely: She rarely eats junk food.
   - always: They always arrive on time.

3. Adverbs of Time - describe when an action is performed
   - yesterday: We went to the park yesterday.
   - soon: They will leave for vacation soon.
   - now: I am writing this sentence now.

4. Adverbs of Place - describe where an action is performed
   - here: Please come here.
   - there: The car is parked over there.
   - outside: The children are playing outside.

5. Adverbs of Degree - describe the intensity or degree of an action
   - very: She is very happy.
   - extremely: The movie was extremely exciting.
   - quite: The food was quite salty.

Adverbs Quiz

Choose the word that is an adverb.

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