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Word Order Quiz - Grade 1


Word Order

Word Order Quiz


Hello! Today, we will talk about the concept of 'word order'. 

Word order just means the way we put words together to make a sentence. If we don't put the words in the right order, the sentence might not make sense. So, it's important to know how to use the right word order in a sentence.

For example, let's take the sentence: "The dog chased the cat". If we change the word order to "The cat chased the dog," it wouldn't make sense because it's not what really happened!

Another example is: "She ate the pizza." If we change it to: "Pizza she ate the," it becomes very strange and doesn't make sense.

An easy way to remember word order is to think of a sandwich. Just like a sandwich has different layers in a certain order, sentences also have different parts that need to be in a specific order. Imagine the bread on top as the subject, the middle layer as the verb, and the bottom layer as the object. 

So, in the sentence "John ate a sandwich," "John" is the subject (the bread on top), "ate" is the verb (the middle layer), and "a sandwich" is the object (the bottom layer). 

To make it more fun, we can also play games like rearranging words to form a sentence or building a sentence together using colorful blocks or magnets. This might help us remember the different parts of the sentence and how we can put them together in the correct order.

So, always remember to use the correct word order when you're making sentences!

Words in a sentence must be in an order that makes sense.
  • The children are reading books.
  • They sit on the bench.
  • The boys are playing basketball.

Word Order Quiz

Read each group of words. Fill in the circle next to the words that are in an order that makes sense.
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