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Simple Sentences Quiz- Grade 1


Simple Sentences

Simple Sentences Quiz

The ability to construct and understand simple sentences is a foundational skill in English language arts. For young learners, understanding the basic components of sentences and how they function is crucial to building strong writing and communication skills. This blog post presents a quiz designed for Grade 1 students to learn about simple sentences in a fun and interactive way. The quiz covers basic information such as subject-verb agreement, capitalization and punctuation, and the formation of complete sentences. By introducing these concepts early on, students can develop a solid foundation in language arts that will serve them throughout their academic careers. Our hope is that this quiz will be a valuable resource for parents and educators to teach young students the essential skills needed for effective communication through simple sentences.


A sentence tells a complete idea.

  • My brother and I fly kites when we go to the beach.
  • My kite is shaped like a diamond. 
  • Where are your shoes? 
  • Have you seen my hat? 
  • Tanisha won the race! 
  • I love your new jacket! 
  • Do not forget your lunch. 
  • Read the other book first.

Simple Sentences Quiz

Read each group of words. Fill in the circle next to the complete sentence.

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