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Periods Quiz - Grade 1



Periods Quiz

Punctuation is a fundamental aspect of written communication, and the proper use of punctuation marks is essential for effective writing. One of the most important punctuation marks in English grammar is the period. Periods indicate the end of a sentence, and their correct use can make a significant difference in the clarity and readability of a piece of writing. However, despite its importance, many students struggle with the appropriate use of periods. This blog post presents a quiz designed to help Grade 1 students learn about the use of periods in a fun and engaging way. The quiz covers basic information about periods, such as their placement at the end of a sentence and the differences between declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences. It also includes examples of incorrect use of periods, to help students identify and avoid common mistakes. Our hope is that this quiz will be a useful tool for parents and educators to teach young students about the proper use of periods in writing and improve their writing skills.


A telling sentence ends with a period.

  • My brother and I fly kites when we go to the beach.
  • My kite is shaped like a diamond. 
  • It is purple, blue, and green. 
  • It has a long tail.

Periods Quiz

Read each group of words. Click the circle next to the correct sentence.

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