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Periods Quiz - Grade 1



Periods Quiz


Punctuation is a fundamental aspect of written communication, and the proper use of punctuation marks is essential for effective writing. One of the most important punctuation marks in English grammar is the period. Periods indicate the end of a sentence, and their correct use can make a significant difference in the clarity and readability of a piece of writing. However, despite its importance, many students struggle with the appropriate use of periods. This blog post presents a quiz designed to help Grade 1 students learn about the use of periods in a fun and engaging way. The quiz covers basic information about periods, such as their placement at the end of a sentence and the differences between declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences. It also includes examples of incorrect use of periods, to help students identify and avoid common mistakes. Our hope is that this quiz will be a useful tool for parents and educators to teach young students about the proper use of periods in writing and improve their writing skills.


What is a period?

A period is a punctuation mark that looks like a dot. It is used at the end of a sentence. It signals the end of a sentence.

For example:

- I like dogs.

- The cat is sleeping. 

- My shirt is red.

A period shows that a sentence is complete and finished. After the period, you start a new sentence.

When do you use a period?

You use a period:

- At the end of a telling sentence. Telling sentences state information.


- Apples are red.

- I ate cereal for breakfast.

- At the end of a command. Commands give an order or direction. 


- Line up quietly.

- Please pass the milk.

- After abbreviations. Abbreviations are shortened forms of words.


- Mr. for Mister 

- St. for Street

So remember to use periods:

- At the end of telling sentences

- After commands 

- With abbreviations

Periods show the reader where a sentence ends. They are an important punctuation mark!

Try writing some sentences of your own and using periods correctly.

Periods Quiz

Read each group of words. Click the circle next to the correct sentence.



Frequently Asked Questions: Periods - Grade 1

Q1: What is a period in Grade 1 grammar?
A1: In Grade 1 grammar, a period is a punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence to indicate a complete thought or statement.

Q2: Why do we use periods in writing?
A2: Periods signal the end of a sentence. They help readers understand where one sentence ends and the next begins, aiding in clear and organized communication.

Q3: How do you know when to use a period?
A3: Use a period at the end of a declarative sentence (a telling sentence), a command, or an indirect question. For example, "I like to play." or "Close the door."

Q4: Can you give an example of a sentence with a period?
A4: Certainly! "The cat is sleeping." In this sentence, the period comes at the end to show that the statement is complete.

Q5: What happens if you don't use a period?
A5: Without a period, sentences run together, making it difficult to understand the separation between thoughts. Proper punctuation, like periods, ensures clarity in writing.

Q6: How do you introduce periods to Grade 1 students?
A6: Start with simple sentences and explain that a period is like a stop sign for reading. Demonstrate when to pause and use a period, and then practice together.

Q7: Is there anything else periods are used for?
A7: Yes, periods are also used in abbreviations, like "Mr." for "Mister," and in numbers, like "Dec. 25" for "December 25th."

Q8: What's the difference between a period and an exclamation mark?
A8: A period is used for regular statements, while an exclamation mark (!) is used for sentences that show strong feelings or excitement.

Q9: Can you use more than one period in a row?
A9: No, using multiple periods in a row (like "...") is called an ellipsis and has a different purpose, indicating a pause or omission of words.

Q10: Where can I find resources to practice using periods?
A10: Look for Grade 1 language arts workbooks, online educational platforms, or printable worksheets that focus on punctuation. These resources offer activities to practice using periods correctly in sentences.
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