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McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 1 Week 1 High-Frequency Words


McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 1  Week 1 High-Frequency Words

McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020, grade 1, unit 1, week 1: high-frequency words glossary, interactive practice activity, and an interactive quiz.

Struggling to grasp high-frequency words can hinder a child’s reading fluency. Our post helps our students master Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 1 Week 3 high-frequency words, transforming challenges into triumphs. Could this be the key to a young reader’s success? Dive in and discover how these words can shape a child’s literacy journey.


  1. Does 🌟
    Definition: Used in sentences to talk about actions or situations.
    Example: Dan does his best work.
  2. Not
    Definition: Used to make a sentence negative.
    Example: Do not run at school.
  3. School 🏫
    Definition: A place where children go to learn.
    Example: We read a lot in school.
  4. What
    Definition: Used to ask for information.
    Example: What can we play today?

Open the box Interactive Activity


Draw a line to connect each pair of boxes PDF Worksheet

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