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‘Birds’ Idioms


 ‘Birds’ Idioms 

‘Birds’ Idioms

Birds' idioms are phrases that use bird-related words to convey a figurative meaning. These idioms are commonly used in literature and everyday language, and understanding their meanings can help enhance one's language skills. This article explores a variety of birds' idioms and provides examples of their usage in context.

List of Bird Idioms in English

Black small squareSick as a parrot Parrot

- very disappointed
  • Football pundits will be as sick as a parrot. Times, Sunday Times (2018)
  • As sick as a parrot, it seems. Times, Sunday Times (2016)
  • Those who have already been as 'sick as a parrot' are prepared for anything that waves can throw at them. Times, Sunday Times (2006)

Black small squareEarly bird Dodo

- he/she who wakes up early
  • There's an early-bird (5-7pm) and late-night (10.30pm-1am) set dinner for under $20.
  • Register today to qualify for the early-bird discount.
  • Registration is now open and the early-bird special ends on August 14, so you'd better get moving.
  • Our early-bird pricing is available until this Friday April 23rd, so register today.
  • January is a peak time for early-bird holiday bookings.
  • Early-bird swimmers can be seen at the pond at dawn changing into their trunks.
  • You could ask an early-bird friend to call you every morning.
  • Thousands of early-bird bargain hunters descended on shops before dawn as the sales season began.
  • Early-bird counties have upgraded equipment and put pressure on wireless carriers; it is expected to be years before the rest of the country follows suit.

Black small squareFly the coop Eagle

- to leave somewhere
  • The Hendersons found the cocktail party rather dull and decided to fly the coop.

Black small squareA night owl Owl

- he/she who stays up late
  • My wife's a night owl, but I like to be in bed by 10 o'clock. 

Black small squareA birds-eye view Flamingo

- the view from a high position
  • Breathtaking is one way to describe the bird's-eye view of Mandapa, which looks like a fairytale scene combining river, jungle, rice terraces, and temples.— Kathryn Romeyn, Travel + Leisure, 16 July 2021
  • The room where Madonna would stay, the Mosaic Suite, is located upstairs, where the singer apparently enjoyed the bathroom's acoustics and the bird's-eye view of the pool.— Rebecca Wallwork, CNN, 18 Aug. 2017
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