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Periods - 6th Grade grammar


Periods - 6th Grade grammar

Periods - 6th Grade grammar

Hi everyone! Today, we are going to learn about an important concept in punctuation called "periods."

A "period" is also called a "full stop," and it looks like a small dot at the end of a sentence. It tells us that the sentence is complete and that we should take a short pause before beginning a new one. It's like a little signal that tells us when to stop reading and take a breath!

Let's look at an example: "I like to play soccer with my friends." This sentence is complete, and so we put a period in the end: "I like to play soccer with my friends."

Now, if we had another complete sentence that followed this first one, we would need to put another period at the end of it, like this: "I like to play soccer with my friends. We always have fun together."

Periods are important in writing because they help us organize our thoughts and make our writing easier to read. Without periods, our writing would look like a big jumble of words!

One fun activity to reinforce this concept is to play a game of "Period Detective." Write some sentences on a whiteboard or piece of paper and leave out the periods. Challenge your students to read the sentences and place a period in the correct place. This activity will help them identify where periods should be placed and understand the importance of using them in their own writing.

I hope that you have learned something today about periods in punctuation. Keep on practicing, and soon you'll be a master of punctuation!
Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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