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Abbreviations - Organizations - 6th Grade Grammar


Abbreviations - Organizations - 6th Grade Grammar

Abbreviations - Organizations - 6th Grade Grammar


Abbreviations are an essential part of written communication, especially when it comes to organizations. Understanding the meaning and usage of different organizational abbreviations can be challenging for 6th graders. In this grammar quiz, we will cover the most common abbreviations used for organizations and help students improve their grammar skills.


  • In both formal and informal writing, use abbreviations for certain organizations and government agencies.
  • These abbreviations usually have all capital letters and no periods.
United Nations - UN
Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI
National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA

Abbreviations - Organizations Worksheet - 6th Grade Grammar

Write each sentence. Change each word or group of words in parentheses into its abbreviation.
  1. My aunt applied for a job with the (Central Intelligence Agency).
  2. He wrote a report on the (Environmental Protection Agency).
  3. The (United Service Organizations) put on a show for the troops.
  4. My brother did well on his (Scholastic Achievement Test).
  5. We visited the (United States Postal Service) headquarters.
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