Abbreviations - Organizations / Grade 6


Mechanics: Abbreviations

Mechanics: Abbreviations - Organizations


  • In both formal and informal writing, use abbreviations for certain organizations and government agencies. 
  • These abbreviations usually have all capital letters and no periods.


  • United Nations - UN 
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation - FBI 
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA

Organizations Worksheet

    Write each sentence. Change each word or group of words in parentheses into its abbreviation.
    1. My aunt applied for a job with the (Central Intelligence Agency).
    2. He wrote a report on the (Environmental Protection Agency).
    3. The (United Service Organizations) put on a show for the troops.
    4. My brother did well on his (Scholastic Achievement Test).
    5. We visited the (United States Postal Service) headquarters.

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