Comparing with Adverbs / Grade 6


Comparing with Adverbs

Comparing with Adverbs

  • Use more or less before most adverbs to compare two actions.
  • Use most or least before most adverbs to compare more than two actions. 
  • Add -er or -est to shorter adverbs to compare actions.


  • Lea spoke louder and more fluently than Hal.
  • Owen spoke softest and least fluently of all.

Comparing with Adverbs Worksheet

Write each sentence. Use the correct form of the adverb in parentheses.
1. You read your speech (confidently) than I did.
2. Of all the speakers, we listened (intently) to her.
3 .Were you seated (close) to her than I was?

Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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