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Subject-Verb Agreement - 6th Grade Grammar


Subject-Verb Agreement - 6th Grade Grammar

Subject-Verb Agreement - 6th Grade Grammar

Subject-Verb Agreement

Verbs must agree with their subjects in number: A singular subject requires a singular verb, and a plural subject requires a plural verb.

Present tense verbs with a single subject add -s to the base.
        Julia walks her dog each morning. 
        A hiker walks along trails that are not very steep.
        A rock climber needs special equipment to ascend a mountain.

Present tense verbs with a plural subject do not add -s.
        Cole and Remy walk to school every day.
        Rock climbers choose steeper slopes.
        Smooth rocks require special climbing techniques.
        Steel spikes help the climber reach the top.
A verb may have more than one subject. More than one subject for the same verb is called a compound subject. Treat a compound subject like a plural subject and do not add -s to the verb. 
        The players and coaches meet on the field.
        Shoulder pads and helmets protect the players.

A collective noun is considered singular if it names the group as a whole. It is considered plural if it refers to the group’s members as individuals.
        The football team practices every day after school.
        The team drink water during and after practice.

Subject-Verb Agreement Activity

Select the correct present-tense form.

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