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Appositives - 6th Grade Grammar


Appositives - 6th Grade Grammar

Appositives - 6th Grade Grammar


An appositive is a noun or pronoun placed next to a noun or pronoun to identify it. 
        This is my friend, Vijay
        James Madison’s wife, Dolley, was an influential first lady. 

Appositive Phrases

An appositive phrase includes the appositive and the words that modify the positive. 
        My twin brother, the president of the sixth grade class, planned a fund-raiser.

Essential and Nonessential Appositives

An essential or restrictive appositive defines a noun so the sentence is easier to understand.
        My friend Jacob performs in plays. 

A nonessential or nonrestrictive appositive is not necessary to understand the sentence. 
        My dog, a black lab, likes to visit the dog park.
        Sid Phillips, last year’s winner, spoke about the contest.

Use commas to set off nonessential appositives.
        My brother, who loves to bake, made a lemon meringue pie.
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