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Appositives - Grade 6




An appositive is a word or group of words that identifies or tells more about another nearby noun. 
  • This is my friend, Haidy. James Madison’s wife, Dolley, was an influential first lady.

An appositive phrase includes the appositive and the words that modify the appositive: 
  • My twin brother, the president of the sixth grade class, planned a fund-raiser.
An essential or restrictive appositive defines a noun so the sentence is easier to understand: 
  • My friend Jacob performs in plays. 
A nonessential or nonrestrictive appositive is not necessary to understand the sentence: 
  • My dog, a black lab, likes to visit the dog park.
Use commas to set off nonessential appositives. 
  • My brother, who loves to bake, made a lemon meringue pie. 

Use dashes to show a strong break in thought within a sentence. 
  • The pie—gooey and delicious—was quickly devoured by our family. 

Use parentheses to set off nonessential facts within a sentence. 
  • My other brother (the youngest sibling) prefers to eat instead of cook.

Appositives Open the Box (Interactive Activity)

Appositives PDF Worksheet

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