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Relative and Interrogative Pronouns (Grade 6)


Relative and Interrogative Pronouns

Relative and Interrogative Pronouns

  • A relative pronoun shows how a dependent clause relates to another noun or pronoun already mentioned in the sentence. 
  • That, which, who, whose, and whom can be used as relative pronouns.
  • An interrogative pronoun asks a question and has no clear antecedent. 
  • What, which, who, whom, and whose can be used as interrogative pronouns.

Relative and Interrogative Pronouns Example

  • Who owns the dog that ran past our house?

Relative and Interrogative Pronouns Worksheet

Write each sentence. Underline each relative pronoun. Circle each interrogative pronoun.

1. What startled the dog in the first place?
2. The dog ran into a store that had its door open.
3. The man w ho owns the store chased the dog out.
4. Which of these streets did it run down?
5. What was the name of the boy whose dog was missing?
6. Who shot John F. Kennedy? Lee Harvey Oswald.
7. I ran into Ahmed, whom you dated in high school.
8. I love those socks that you wore yesterday.
9. Jupiter, which is the largest planet in our solar system, is still tiny compared to the sun.
10. The Tragically Hip, who went on their last tour in 2016, have long been an iconic Canadian band.
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