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Pronoun-Verb Agreement (Grade 6)


Pronoun-Verb Agreement

Pronoun-Verb Agreement

  • A present-tense verb must agree with its subject, even if the subject is a pronoun.

    Pronoun-Verb Agreement Example

    • I am happy. He is delighted. He and I are cheerful.

    Pronoun-Verb Agreement Worksheet

    Write each sentence. Use the correct present-tense form of the verb in parentheses.

    1. She (catch) the train into the city. 
    2. They (meet) at the aquarium. 
    3. I (be) waiting for them near the shark tank. 
    4. They ask if you (be) curious about the penguins. 
    5. I point at the octopus, and it (scurry) behind a rock. 
    6. He (search) for the missing kitten. 
    7. She (think) about checking the basement. 
    8. While they do that, I (look) in the yard. 
    9. A few minutes later, they (call) me inside. 
    10. They point to the kitten as it (hide) under the bed.
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