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Linking Verbs (Grade 6)


Linking Verbs

Linking Verbs

  • Some verbs do not express action.
  • A linking verb links the subject with a word in the predicate.
  • This word can be a predicate noun, which renames or identifies the subject, or a predicate adjective, which describes the subject.
  • Some common linking verbs are be, seem, feel, appear, become, smell, stay, and taste.

Linking Verbs Examples

  • Luke is a fine cook. His soups taste delicious.

Linking Verbs Worksheet

Write each sentence. Circle each linking verb. Underline the predicate noun or predicate adjective that follows it. 

1. My father is a student in a cooking class. 
2. His rice pilaf smells strange. 
3. He was nervous about adding too much salt. 
4. This meal seemed difficult even for a master chef. 
5. The food sounds delicious. 
6. She felt surprised because of the size of the dog. 
7. We were the champions of the football tournament. 
8. The rose smelled beautiful. 
9. At the top of the mountain, they appeared happy. 
10.The boy was injured during the basketball match.

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