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Irregular Verbs - 6th Grade Grammar


Irregular Verbs - 6th Grade Grammar

Irregular Verbs - 6th Grade Grammar

Irregular Verbs

Form the past tense and past participle of a regular verb by adding -ed
        I watched a movie with my friend Adam. 

The past tense and past participle of an irregular verb are formed differently.
In some irregular verbs, a vowel changes.
In others, the spelling changes.
        I ran over to my friends at recess.
        Sandy should have known to bring an umbrella on the field trip.
        The sound of applause broke the silence of the theater. 
        The audience stood to show their appreciation. 
        Sylvia knew her performance was a success. 
        Sylvia’s dad threw a rose onto the stage.

Present Past Past Participle
begin began have begun
ring rang have rung
tell told have told
go went have gone
blow blew have blown
sink sank have sunk
break broke have broken
know knew have known
see saw have seen
stand stood have stood

Special Spellings

Some irregular verbs have special spellings when used with the helping verbs have, has, or had
        The lake had frozen over during the winter.
        We had thought today would be a good day to go skating. 
        Indeed, the ice froze solidly overnight. 
        However, we have chosen to go sledding instead. 
        We have worn our warmest clothes.

Present Past Past Participle (with have, had, or has)
think thought thought
sing sang sung
freeze froze frozen
wear wore worn
teach taught taught
choose chose chosen
leave left left

Contractions with Helping and Irregular Verbs

A contraction is a single word made by combining two words and leaving out one or more letters. An apostrophe replaces the missing letters. 

A contraction can be formed with a pronoun and a helping verb.
        we have=we’ve
        he would=he’d

A contraction can be formed with a pronoun and the present tense form of the irregular verb be.
        I am=I’m
        we are=we’re

Irregular Verbs Activity - 6th Grade Grammar

Select the correct words to complete the sentences.

Irregular Verbs Quizizz Quiz- 6th Grade Grammar

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