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Demonstrative Adjectives (Grade 6)


Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative Adjectives

  • Demonstrative adjectives, such as this, that, these, and those, tell which one or which ones
  • Use this to point out a nearby person or thing. 
  • Use that to point out a person or thing that is farther away.
  • Use these to point out two or more nearby people or things. 
  • Use those to point out two or more people or things farther away.


  • This ring on my finger is shinier than those rings on display.

Demonstrative Adjectives Worksheet

Write each sentence. Choose the proper demonstrative adjective to complete the sentence.

1. (That, Those) pile is larger than the other one.
2. What is (this, these) box of magazines doing here?
3. My sister tried on (that, these) jacket.
4. (This, These) pants are the same color.
5. We picked (that, these) apples from (this, those) tree.
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