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Articles: a, an, the - 6th Grade Grammar


Articles: a, an, the6th Grade Grammar

Articles: a, an, the - 6th Grade Grammar


Does your 6th grader struggle with properly using articles like a, an, and the? This interactive blog post offers an explanation and a fun multiple-choice grammar quiz to help them master article usage. Through clear explanations, vivid examples, and engaging activities, students will grasp when to use the indefinite articles a and an versus the definite article the. With practice identifying articles in sentences, learners will gain confidence applying these important grammar rules. Let’s make parts of speech fun!

Articles: a, an, the

An article is a kind of adjective. There are three articles: a, an, and the

A and an are indefinite articles because they refer to a noun in general.
Use a before a noun that begins with a consonant.
Use an before a noun that begins with a vowel.
        a desk
        an eagle

The is a definite article because it refers to a specific noun. 
        The blue chair is comfortable.
        The artists will host an afternoon talk at a gallery downtown.

Articles: a, an, the Activity

Read the sentences. Select the article that correctly completes the sentence.


Q: What are articles in grammar?
A: Articles include a, an, and the. They precede and modify nouns. A and an are indefinite, the is definite. (1)

Q: When do you use a versus an?
A: Use a before consonant sounds and an before vowel sounds. Example: a book, an apple. (2)

Q: When do you use the?
A: Use the to refer to something specific that was already mentioned. (3)

Q: Why are articles an important grammar topic?
A: Proper article usage helps writing be clear, specific, and smooth. This is a key writing skill. (4)


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