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Search & Tally Digraphs Worksheet


Search & Tally Digraphs Worksheet

Engaging Search & Tally Digraphs Worksheet for Early Learners!

Teaching phonics and digraphs can be a fun and interactive experience with the right resources. We’re excited to offer a vibrant and educational worksheet designed specifically for early learners. This worksheet is perfect for keeping your young students engaged while reinforcing important language skills.

Worksheet Overview:

Activity Title: 

Digraph Search & Tally


To help students identify and practice digraphs through a colorful and interactive activity.

Materials Needed:

  • Colored markers or crayons
  • Printed worksheets

Worksheet Instructions:

Name and Date:

  • Start by having your students write their name and the date at the top of the worksheet. This practice helps in organizing their work and tracking progress over time.

Find and Color:

  • Students will search for words containing specific digraphs in the worksheet.
  • Each digraph will have an assigned color. For example, "ch" might be colored in green, while "sh" is colored in red.
  • Encourage students to use the correct color to highlight each word they find. This visual association helps reinforce their understanding of digraphs.


  • Once they have colored all the words, students will tally the number of times they found each digraph.
  • This activity promotes counting skills and helps them summarize their findings in a fun and engaging way.

Interactive Learning:

Q & A Section:

Incorporate a question section where students can answer simple questions based on the digraphs they found. For example, "Which digraph appeared the most?" or "How many times did you find the digraph 'ch'?"

Additional Practice:

  • For further practice, ask students to write sentences using the words they colored. This step helps them apply what they’ve learned in a broader context.

Download the Worksheet

Ready to get started? Download the Digraph Search & Tally worksheet now and bring an engaging phonics activity to your classroom!


Download Worksheet


This worksheet is an excellent tool for making phonics learning interactive and enjoyable. It helps students identify digraphs, enhances their counting skills, and provides a platform for creative expression through coloring and sentence writing.
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