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McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 2 Week 1 High-Frequency Words


McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 2 Week 1 High-Frequency Words

McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders 2020, grade 1, unit 2, week 1: high-frequency words glossary, interactive practice sets, and an interactive quiz.

Is your child stuck on some tricky words? Don't worry, our post can help them conquer those Wonders 2020 Grade 1 Unit 2 Week 1 high-frequency words! Mastering these high-frequency words is like unlocking a treasure chest of reading fluency.  Could this be the secret weapon that turns your young reader into a confident explorer of the written world?  Let's dive in and see how these words can become stepping stones on their literacy adventure!


  1. Again:
    Used to describe something happening another time or once more.
    Example: After losing the first game, Jojo wanted to play again.
  2. Help:
    Giving assistance or support to someone or something.
    Example: Josh could help his dad wash the car.
  3. New:
    Describing something that has not been known before or that has been recently made or created.
    Example: Lisa was excited about her new toy.
  4. There:
    Refers to a place or point.
    Example: Look over there; the cat is hiding under the tree.
  5. Use:
    To employ something for a particular purpose.
    Example: Sam can use a fork to eat his pasta.

Practice Set 1: Matching Activity (Quizlet)


Practice Set 2: Choosing the Right Word (Quizalize)

Quiz on Quizizz

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