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Mastering CELTA Assignment One: A Comprehensive Guide to the "Focus on a Learner" Task


Mastering CELTA Assignment One: A Comprehensive Guide to the "Focus on a Learner" Task

Mastering CELTA Assignment One A Comprehensive Guide to the Focus on a Learner Task


Embarking on a CELTA course is an exciting journey into the world of English language teaching. One key component of this journey is the CELTA Assignment One, also known as "Focus on a Learner." This assignment is crucial for developing a deep understanding of your students' learning styles and needs. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this assignment, offering practical tips and insights to help you excel.

Understanding the Assignment

CELTA Assignment One centers around gaining insight into a student's learning process. As an aspiring CELTA-certified teacher, you will select a student from your Teaching Practice (TP) group. This assignment involves several key steps, from interviewing to observing the student in a classroom setting.

Selecting Your Student

The first step is to choose a student from your TP group. This decision should be strategic, aiming to understand diverse learning behaviors and challenges.

The Interview Process

Scheduling and conducting an interview with your chosen student is a vital part of this assignment. Here, effective communication skills and insightful questioning come into play. Recording the conversation will help in later analysis.

Assessing Language Skills

To gauge your student's English abilities, assign tasks that test both spoken and written skills. This will provide a clearer picture of their proficiency levels and areas for improvement.

Classroom Observation Insights

Observing your student in the classroom setting offers invaluable insights into their learning style and interaction in a group dynamic.

Discovering Learning Preferences

Having your student complete a learning style questionnaire further deepens your understanding of their preferences and needs.

Tailoring Activities

Selecting and rationalizing two non-word-count activities that suit your student’s level is crucial. This demonstrates your ability to cater to individual learning needs.

Final Touches

Your assignment should include reference copies of the activities, a thoughtful bibliography, and a final word count. These elements showcase your thoroughness and attention to detail.


CELTA Assignment One, "Focus on a Learner," is a foundational task for any aspiring CELTA teacher. It provides a practical approach to understanding and catering to diverse learning styles. With the right strategy and attention to detail, you can turn this assignment into a stepping stone for your teaching career.

Interested in more tips on excelling in your CELTA course? Stay tuned to our blog for more insights and guides.

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