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Engaging Grammar Activity: Appositive Story


Grammar Activity: Appositive Story

Grammar Activity Appositive Story
Grammar lessons don't have to be boring! An appositive is a grammar concept that can be taught through a fun and creative activity called the Appositive Story. This activity encourages students to use their imagination while reinforcing their understanding of appositives. Students work collaboratively to create a story, where each sentence includes an appositive. In this blog post, we will explore how to play the Appositive Story game and how it can be an effective tool in teaching appositives.


To encourage the use of appositives in creative writing.


Writing paper, pens/pencils


  • Have students write a short story about a person, place, or thing they are familiar with.
  • Instruct them to include at least three appositives in their story to describe or identify the subject.
  • Encourage students to be creative with their appositives and to use different types of appositives (e.g., noun, pronoun, phrase).
  • Once students have finished writing, have them share their stories with the class.
  • As a follow-up activity, have students exchange stories and identify the appositives used by their peers.

Example story:

My dog, a lovable golden retriever, is always by my side. His favorite toy, a frayed tennis ball, is never far away. One day, while we were taking a walk in the park, we met a man, a kind-hearted animal lover, who gave my dog a treat. My dog, a food enthusiast, wagged his tail in gratitude. We continued our walk, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. My dog, a faithful companion, never leaves my side, and I'm grateful for his unconditional love.
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