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Compound Words


Compound Words

Unlock the magic of compound words! Learn how combining words can enrich your vocabulary and make your writing dynamic. #Vocabulary #CompoundWords


Imagine combining two simple words to create a whole new meaning—like magic! This is the fascinating world of compound words. Whether you're a student eager to expand your vocabulary or a teacher looking for engaging ways to explain language concepts, understanding compound words can add a fun and meaningful twist to learning. In this article, "Compound Words," we'll explore how these unique combinations enrich our language, making it more expressive and dynamic. From wheelbarrows to look-alikes, let's dive into the realm of compound words and uncover the secrets behind these linguistic gems!

Learning Objectives

In this lesson, you will focus on the following objectives: Vocabulary:
  • Understanding compound words.
  • Understanding language resources.

Compound Words

Literature Connection
In the quotation below, wheelbarrow is a compound word, a word made up of two words that together have a meaning different from the meaning of each word individually. Compound words may be spelled open (magic lantern), closed (sawdust), 
or hyphenated (half-deserted). A dictionary will give you the correct form. 

so much depends 
a red wheel 
—William Carlos Williams, from “The Red Wheelbarrow”

Williams writes wheelbarrow as an open compound for poetic effect.

The meanings of many compound words are obvious from the parts that make up the word.
  • What is sawdust ?
    It is the dust created by sawing wood. 

  • What is a look-alike?
    It is something that looks just like something else.
  • What is a natural resource?
    It is a naturally occurring material that is useful to humans.

To learn the meaning of less familiar compound words, consult a dictionary.


Compound Words Tip

If a compound word does not appear in a dictionary, it is most likely to be correctly spelled open.

Grammar Tip

A compound word is made of two separate words that each have a different meaning standing alone.

Compound Words Quiz

Select the correct definition for each compound word. 


Mastering compound words can significantly enhance your vocabulary and language skills, making your communication more precise and colorful. By understanding how these words are formed and their meanings, you can add depth and creativity to your writing. Keep practicing with the examples and tips provided, and don't hesitate to consult a dictionary for unfamiliar terms. Remember, the key to mastering language lies in curiosity and consistent practice. Happy learning, and may your compound words always be as vivid and engaging as the stories they help you tell!
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