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Used to Quiz


Used to Quiz

used to Quiz


"Used to" is a unique construction in the English language that often confuses both native speakers and learners alike. Its primary function is to express a past habit or a state that no longer exists. Let's delve deeper into its grammar and usage.

1. Expressing Past Habits
When we talk about actions that were regular or habits in the past but are no longer true, we use "used to."

I used to play tennis every weekend, but now I don't have the time.
She used to live in New York, but she moved to Los Angeles last year.

2. Describing Past States
"Used to" can also describe a state or situation that was true in the past but has since changed.

This building used to be a school, but now it's an apartment complex.
He used to be very shy, but now he's quite outgoing.

3. Form and Structure
The structure is fairly straightforward:

Subject + used to + base form of the verb

Negative Form:
Subject + did not + use to + base form of the verb

E.g., I didn't use to like broccoli, but now I love it.

Question Form:
Did + subject + use to + base form of the verb?
E.g., Did you use to play the guitar?

4. Common Mistakes
"Used to" vs. "Use to": In positive statements, we use "used to." However, in negative statements and questions, we use "use to."
  • Correct: I used to play football.
  • Incorrect: I use to play football.
  • Correct: I didn't use to play football.
  • Correct: Did you use to play football?
Avoiding Double Past: Since "used to" already indicates a past action or state, we don't use it with past tense verbs.

  • Incorrect: I used to played football.
  • Correct: I used to play football.
5. "Used to" vs. Simple Past
While both "used to" and the simple past tense describe past actions, "used to" emphasizes a contrast between the past and the present. The simple past, on the other hand, just states a fact about the past.

I played tennis yesterday. (Simple past: states a fact)
I used to play tennis every weekend. (Emphasizes a past habit that no longer exists)

Used To Quiz

For each of the six questions choose the one correct answer.


Understanding the nuances of "used to" can greatly enhance one's ability to express past habits and states in English. By recognizing its unique structure and differentiating it from the simple past tense, one can use "used to" effectively and accurately.
Mr. ‏El-Sayed Ramadan ‎ ‎


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