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Combining Sentences - 6th Grade Grammar


Combining Sentences - Grade 6

Students practicing how to combine sentences in 6th grade grammar class.


Are you tired of writing choppy, repetitive sentences? Imagine transforming your writing with the power of combining sentences, making your paragraphs flow smoothly and naturally. For 6th graders and their teachers, mastering the art of combining sentences can elevate your writing skills and make your assignments stand out. Let’s unlock the secrets to combining sentences effectively and make your writing more engaging.

Understanding Compound Subjects and Predicates

Compound Subject

What is a compound subject?

A compound subject has two or more simple subjects that share the same predicate. Use the conjunction and or or to join the parts of the compound subject.
  • Jojo volunteered at the rally. Diane volunteered at the rally. 
                        Jojo and Diane volunteered at the rally.

Compound Predicate

What is a compound predicate?

A compound predicate has two more simple predicates that share the same subject. Use the word and, but, or or to join the parts of a compound predicate.
  • Joe docked the boatJoe went ashore
                        Joe docked the boat and went ashore.

Combining Sentences Open the Box (Interactive Game)

To make learning more fun, try interactive games like "Combining Sentences Open the Box." 👇👇👇These activities can reinforce your understanding and help you practice combining sentences in an engaging way.


Mastering the skill of combining sentences can significantly enhance your writing. By learning to create compound subjects and predicates, you can make your sentences more fluid and compelling. Keep practicing, and soon you'll notice a remarkable improvement in your writing. Remember, great writing is not just about what you say but how you say it. So, start combining those sentences and watch your writing flourish!
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