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the apple of someone's eye 🍎


Idiom: the apple of someone's eye

the apple of someone's eye


a person or thing that someone loves very much
قرة عين شخص ما
the apple of someone's eye


  1. His son is the apple of his eye.
  2. She is the apple of her father’s eye.
  3. Everyone seemed to be the apple of her eye as she tripped from one festoon corner to another to relish the savory dish.
  4. And I know that to every mummy and daddy, they are the apple of their eye, the perfect center of their Universe.
  5. It was an unwritten law that Bridget, for she was most comely, was always the apple of every unmarried man's eye.
  6. Ramona was the apple of his eye, no ship or captain or crew could have pulled him away from her, not even the insistent calling of the ocean herself.
  7. A particularly dangerous plant, and one that may cause confusion, is the apple of Sodom, a low, prickly bush with a tomatolike fruit that is highly poisonous.
  8. Sometimes called the Apple of Peru, this vigorous annual seems to appear around bird tables and must develop in amongst other seeds being grown for birds.
  9. This noble specimen of wurst was the apple of little Lauri's artistic eye.
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