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Vowel Alternation


Vowel Alternation

Vowel Alternation

Adding a suffix to the end of a base word sometimes changes a vowel sound in the original word. 

For example, a base word may have a long-vowel sound that becomes a short-vowel sound after a suffix is added. 

The word crime has along i sound, while the word criminal has a short i sound. The change in vowel sound between related words is called vowel alternation.

A. Read each sentence. The underlined word has a long-vowel sound. Circle the related word that has a short-vowel sound.

1. The nation put together a strong team for the national meet.
2. We are happy to reside in a community with many residents.
3. The storyteller was wise, and she shared her wisdom with us.
4. I will invite him with a hand-delivered invitation.

B. Read the words below. Draw a line from the base word to the related word that has vowel alternation.

5. metal                      competition
6. repeat                     criminal
7. compete                 reference
8. crime                     original
9. origin                     metallic
10. refer                     repetition  

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